Everything you need to know about the meaning of BDSM

If you’re reading this, you must be new to the world of kink! Regardless, of how you discovered your interest, you’re here now! One of the most popular kinks, amongst feet, is BDSM.

The idea of tying people up or being tied up, has fascinated people for centuries. You’re wrong if BDSM started with 50 Shades! BDSM has been around forever. If you don’t believe me, Google Betty Page!

There are a thousand different branches of BDSM and the fetish surrounding it, so it would be impossible to explain every single tiny detail about the greater umbrella of bondage… so I’ll break down the basics as much as I possibly can!

I encourage you to go beyond this article and explore the different, more specific facets of the kink!

1. B is for Bondage

B stands for bondage in the acronym of BDSM. This refers to being tied up. Bondage can literally be anything! Bondage can be handcuffs, or a strategically used pillow case, or complex rope ties known as Shibari.
There are a lot of classes you can take in cities that have dungeons and large kink communities where you can learn how to use these methods of bondage safely.

2. D is for dominance/discipline

D has a double meaning in this acronym. Let’s talk about discipline first. Discipline is to encourage behavior through punishment. Discipline can either be physical or mental! The dominant (which I’ll get to in a second) can chose to take something pleasurable away from their partner or introduce something like pain in order to encourage them to act the way they want.

D is also for dominance. The dominant in a scene is the one who is in clear control. This person is in charge of their submissive (we’ll get there) and is essentially the “boss” in the scene. (Though you can’t do anything without the submissive’s consent!)

3. S is for submission/sadism

The S stands for two things as well! Let’s tackle sadism! A sadist is someone who derives pleasure from inflicting pain on someone else. This is someone who likes to see someone “suffer” whether that be physically or mentally (have you noticed BDSM is just as mental as it is physical?!).

S is also for submission! The submissive is the servant in the situation. This person gives up control of their body and allows the Dominant to take charge in the sexual situation!

4. M is for masochism

Masochism is where someone enjoys pain. More people than you’d expect like to feel pain! Pain releases endorphins which, in turn, make us feel good!

Of course, none of proper BDSM sex is done without considering the risks, being safe, and making sure both parties are consenting to everything going on.

Here come some more acronyms! The way players keep track of these things is through using more acronyms: RACK and SSC are two of the most popular. They mean risk awark consensual kink and safe sane and consensual respectively! You can’t have BDSM without RACK or SSC!